During trips to Morocco, my story began in Marrakech, to live an adventure mixed at the same time by a curious interest in this oriental culture, the beauty of this ochre city, full of unforeseen, the kindness of this Moroccan people, smiling, hospitable and positive and the desire to discover a culture still imbued with values.

A deep wish to put my suitcases in a riad, typical house, traditional urban house built around a patio or an inner garden surrounded by a gallery.

A meeting was enough to discover and buy this riad Les Orangers d'Alilia long awaited for the story of my life to begin.

Investigations of the purchase of the property, both administrative, architect’s plan, works, decoration have led me to make this guest house since 2006, A haven of peace where my hosts feel at home and they can appreciate all the love that I have been able to deploy during all these years to make this place an oasis of charm..

It was a long-term work and sacrifices that pushed me to realize my dream and even set out to realize my passion for decoration and my training in tourism.

In this house I traveled around the world receiving all nationalities, I enriched myself in my work in order to always progress to improve the places, to make the reception of my hosts is first of all a special note, that the cuisine with the flavors of Morocco remains a priority in the choice of recipes, with fresh products, a varied breakfast, balanced, hearty and tasty, a comfort in the choice of the accommodation, the permanent renovation of the riad every year to keep this place worthy of a small quality hotel, the decoration in terms of color, the objects chosen with heart and the roses of Morocco present every day to embellish the atmosphere of our guest house.

Life has gone very fast, now I am happy and continue to give

Fortunately, recently, I was able to acquire another riad juxtaposing to give more ease to the first building, and by this second patio, a side garden airy, an expansion of the capacity of reception , projects of a small shop and a hammam and make the terrace a place where it is good to sit and sunbathe in Marrakech all year round.

A full life story that continues full of novelties, meetings, parties...

I keep in me the concern to do well for my hosts and I thank life for giving me this beautiful gift.

In love with Marrakech from the very first moment, I became an adopted Marrakchi.

I especially thank my family, who contributed intensely to the realization of this project and are aware by the intense investment of my work to have caused gaps, absence, remoteness and ruptures...

Thank you to my team who could not have done without them, to my hosts who chose the riad Les Orangers d'Alilia, to all the people near or far who contributed to this beautiful achievement.